School and family events 2019/20

Summer shows in and around Kintyre 

August 2019 sees our Education Officers taking stands at three different family events as part of agricultural shows in Kintyre, Islay and Mid-Argyll - an annual summer highlight for these areas.

  • Kintyre Show (2nd August)
  • Islay Show (8th August)
  • Mid-Argyll Show (10th August)

Young people, their parents, carers and other family members are very welcome to spend some time with Katie and Michael participating in fun, free and interactive activities related to STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Visitors can also find out about career and training opportunities that are available for young people in the area as well as learn more about how ALIenergy is working to support the uptake of these.

Everyone has the chance to investigate and interact with resources and signposting information, as well as to take part in more structured activities featuring hands-on activities.The dyno-bike also makes a welcome return! Connected up to charge a range of household appliances, this popular attraction from previous ALIenergy events helps those with the energy to try it feel how much hard work is needed to power up the radio or CD player for a song or two, light up a desk lamp or even charge a mobile phone. Working with families and other groups, Katie and Michael are happy to adapt to people's different interests and the time they have available whether visitors of any age want to stay for a while, or come back a few times during the day. In any case, younger people attedning the stand get a chance to enter the competitions which run over the three events. For more on this and updates from the days of the three shows find ALIenergy on social media using the links at the bottom of this page.

Working with schools

From April 2019 onwards both primary and secondary schools in our target area of Kintyre and Mid Argyll worked closely with us to give ALIenergy another chance to play a part in the success of the transition weeks for the new secondary pupils at high schools in Campbeltown, Lochgilphead and Tarbert. Workshops delivered in both primary and secondary school settings gave pupils a real sense of continuity, as did pupils use of their STEM workbooks which have been created to give pupils a resource they can use and reflect on at different stages of the project. The activities included this year centred on the importance of STEM, how important this is in developing renewable technologies and how we approach energy issues at local, regional, national and international levels. Challenging activities to come up with a working design for a model wind turbine were engaging, interactive and fun, with positive feedback from the young people who attended, as well as from teaching staff who took part or visited the sessions.

Overviews and outcomes from previous years

Use the link below to find out about the project in previous years.

STEM Activities for Young People in Argyll 2018/19

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