Energy and the Bioeconomy (ENBIO)

The ENBIO project will see sixteen 1000 litre Pandora PBRs deployed at the Ardnamurchan Estate using surplus energy from the CHP plant to produce high value algae, automatically matching local electricity demand with production. The Ardnamurchan PBR array will give Scotland a lead in industrial scale algal biotechnology in the UK. In addition, the ENBIO project will contribute to the low carbon economy through helping reduce transport costs, displace algal imports that are currently air shipped to Scotland, achieve better use of distillery co-products and directly incorporate CO2 into the algae.

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Winner of HIE Renewable Energy Awards 2019 - Best Smart Energy / Carbon Reduction Project

Using algal bioproduction to enable development of new industry in rural areas whilst simultaneously increasing the strength of the rural circular economy with better use of stranded timber and distillery co-products.  

ENBIO builds on the existing LECF-funded ASLEE project, which developed a novel, class-leading internally lit photobioreactor (Pandora PBR ) whose lighting can be externally controlled to meet grid demands, allowing the PBRs to be used as a rapidly-acting balancer of local renewable energy production. ASLEE also demonstrated that algae are very tolerant to light intermittency, making their production an ideal transactive load.