For general enquiries please contact the ALIenergy main office :

Lorn House
Albany Street
PA34 4AR

Tel/Fax: 01631 565183 

Please note that the office is normally open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but at other times you can leave a message and we will call you back. Alternatively, please send an e-mail to:

Dr Lynda Mitchell, Acting Manager:

Oban 01631 720658 / 07901 510915

Tara Livornese, Affordable Warmth Adviser:

Oban/North Argyll 07860 774928

Jenny McLeish, Affordable Warmth Adviser:

Oban/Mid Argyll 07860 774930

Rachel McNicol, Area Based Insulation Scheme / Affordable Warmth Adviser:

Dunoon / South Argyll 07860 774929

John Cuddihy, Area Based Insulation Scheme:

Dunoon / South Argyll 07860 774931

Elizabeth Wright, Monitoring and Development Officer:

Oban 01631 565183 / 07715 083982

Kirsty Jackson Stark, Education and Skills Development Officer:

Oban 07825 450260

Katie Evamy, Education and Skills Development Support Officer:

Tarbert 07718 426087

Dr Carole Shellcock, Projects and Business Support Officer:

Oban 07718426085

Georgie Thomas, Affordable Warmth for Health Adviser:

Oban 07736454577

Alma Mickaill, Affordable Warmth Adviser:

Bute 01700 502784

Julie Semple, Affordable Warmth Adviser:

Bute 01700 502784

Michael Wall, Affordable Warmth Adviser:


Finance, accounts and admin team: Main Office, Oban 01631 565183

Richard Airlie Gilbert, Finance Officer:

Michelle McEwan, Office Manager/Affordable Warmth Adviser:

Cynthia Carswell, Acting Office Manager:

 ALIenergy is a company limited by guarantee with charitable status, Scottish Charity Registration: SC032495