Affordable Warmth

Our Affordable Warmth service is available across Argyll and Bute, please contact us on 01631 565183 or if you have an enquiry.

Since 2009 our Affordable Warmth Team have been busy in Argyll and Bute helping people combat fuel poverty. Our affordable warmth service provides advice, support and mentoring to people living in Argyll and Bute experiencing fuel poverty. As well as helping our target groups directly, we also provide training and mentoring to people who support them in their community, including health and social care professionals, carer groups and community groups, and volunteers.

Our Affordable Warmth work aims to reduce the number of households in Argyll and Bute who experience fuel poverty. We target our assistance to groups who are most vulnerable to fuel poverty, including the elderly, single parents, families with young children, young adults living alone and the disabled. 

  • FREE house visits available to householders, tenants and landlords.
  • FREE workshops and talks for professionals and community groups. 

Our affordable warmth team can help with the following:

Affordable Warmth


Typical energy saving advice is suitable for a modern gas central heated family home but every house in Argyll and Bute is different in all aspects, from age and type of heating, age and type of building, glazing, location, the number and ability of occupants as well as the availability of fuel. That’s why advice from an ALIenergy advisor is tailored to you, your home and your needs. 

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House Visits

Our Affordable Warmth Advisors can visit you in your own home, this saves you the time and expense to come to us. We have advisors based around Argyll and Bute, so you will be assigned to the advisor covering your area and they will contact you to arrange a mutually suitable time to visit. In instances where a house visit is not feasible within a short timescale your advisor will help by telephone calls, emails and/or letters.

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Information gathered during a visit

During your ALIenergy visit the advisor may ask questions about you, your family and your home. This will enable the advisor to gain an overall perspective of your situation to ensure the help and support delivered is tailored to your needs. All information is treated with respect and confidentiality.

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To provide the best advice your advisor will need to see evidence of your benefit entitlement such as your award letters or bank statements. Copies of these documents are usually required if applying for funding or a grant. Lot’s of people are not aware they fit the criteria for funded schemes because benefit award letters aren’t always straightforward and clear. Our advisors have basic benefit knowledge and know what to look out for. We also have qualified benefit advisors on the team who can carry out FREE benefit checks. 

Your advisor may take meter readings to keep track of how much energy you are using, this information is also normally requested for funding applications. 

Follow on support

It is very likely that your advisor will need to keep in touch with you after your initial visit. We understand life can be hectic and priorities can change so if you are unable to follow through with any advice our advisors will happily visit you again to go over things in more detail or offer more support to you if needed.

Feedback and Monitoring

The Affordable Warmth Team are funded and a requirement for receiving this funding is to show evidence of their work. We would really appreciate if you could assist with our feedback and monitoring protocol. Your advisor will ask you simple questions to help determine the impact they have made. 

Workshops and Talks

Our Affordable Warmth Team know the importance of reaching people in need, this is why we work with health professionals and community groups who will most likely be in contact with people who require our help. We offer FREE workshops and talks tailored to the groups time, experience and needs. Our workshops and talks give a brief overview of how fuel poverty affects people, how to spot someone living in fuel poverty, basic advice to give and know when to refer to an advisor for specialist in-depth advice.

Volunteer as an Energy Champion

Our experience has shown us the potential in reaching fuel poor households by working with other organisations and local communities. Sign up as an Energy Champion to receive our monthly newsletter. Read our previous newsletters here. We are looking for Energy Champions from all different backgrounds-current health professionals, retired tradesmen and woman, school leavers wanting to get involved in their community etc. Read more here.

Contact us on 01631 565183 or to request a call from an Affordable Warmth Advisor or to enquire about a workshop or talk.
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Other help:

If you wish to call your energy supplier we have a ‘What you need to know’ information sheet outlining the information you will need before speaking to your energy supplier. Ask an advisor for a copy and they will be happy to help you fill it out.

Fuel Suppliers
Other Organisations
British Gas: 0800 048 0202  Home Energy Scotland: 0808 808 2282
EDF Energy: 0800 056 7777   Argyll and Bute Citizens Advice Bureau: 08456 123 808
EON: 0333 202 4610 Argyll and Bute Council: 01546 605 520
Npower: 0800 073 3000 Argyll and Bute Care and Repair: 01631 567 780
Scottish Hyrdo: 0800 980 8754

Shelter Scotland (Housing): 0808 800 4444

Scottish Power: 0800 027 0072 Silver Line Scotland: 08004 708 090



For more information on the range of services that we provide,

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