ALIenergy was established in 1999 by Argyll and Bute Council under the EU ‘SAVE’ programme. Part of a network of energy agencies across Europe, ALIenergy is a charity limited by guarantee, with a commitment to promote sustainable energy use and renewable energy generation, to address fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions.

We deliver a wide variety of activities, including energy education in schools and communities; area based energy efficiency installation schemes for national and local government; affordable warmth advice, support and training/mentoring to combat fuel poverty; support to community renewable energy projects and co-operatives; facilitation of and support to local and regional supply chains and local skills development.

ALIenergy is a facilitator, project manager and programme co-ordinator and we educate, advise and improve access to knowledge and skills so that communities build capacity to participate in renewable energy and energy saving activity.

ALIenergy is at the interface between communities, economy and environment – ensuring that these three themes are integrated in all our projects and activities. Also, we provide the link between the strategic overview at European, national and regional levels and direct action locally.

ALIenergy acknowledges support from all of the agencies below. 

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