Affordable Warmth for Carers

Affordable warmth for care leavers and young carers 

This project targeted young carers and care leavers and the local agencies and organisations who support them, in order to help them improve their energy efficiency and avoid fuel poverty and debt. The aim of this project was to provide a continuation of the practical assistance to young people with a particular emphasis on young carers and care leavers who either live alone or are in charge of a home. It also and recognises the importance of the role of carers in the lives of many people. This help was delivered directly to young people and through their local support networks for which we already have a referrals system and procedure in place. The project advice included the supply of an energy saving “toolkit” that was customised to the clients’ requirements and housing type. The toolkits contain a selection of practical items to increase warmth in the home and improve fuel use, including hot water bottles, thermal blankets, chimney balloons, radiator foil, thermometers, low energy (LED) light bulbs and more.  In addition, printed money saving advice materials tailored to young people were made available, including user-friendly instructions on how to use their energy saving toolkit and details of various relevant apps for smart phones and tablets.

Toolkit items have been funded by:

  • West Coast Energy,
  • Energy Action Scotland's Fuel Poverty Alleviation Fund, 
  • Renewable Energy Systems (RES), and alongside donations gratefully recieved from GTi Direct. 



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