The Science of Energy Project

The Science of Energy project delivers fun, interactive workshops that help people to understand the science behind many renewable energy and energy efficiency topics. Resources for some of these workshops and activities are available for download here.


We offer training to any groups who are interested in delivering these and other energy education workshops in their community. Once you have completed the training, you can borrow a Science of Energy toolkit, which contains a range of equipment, materials and resources used in these workshops.


For more information, contact Kirsty Jackson Stark at or ring us on 01631 565183.

 Solar Thermal

 pdf   Understanding Heat and Light    pdf   Thermal Science
 pdf   The Energy Equation    pdf   Cold Noses and Hot Bottoms
 pdf   Thermal Imaging    pdf   Absorption and Reflection

 Solar PV

 pdf   Understanding Solar Power   pdf   Sun Power 
 pdf   Solar PV   pdf   Solar Orientation
 pdf   Solar PV – Cars    

Wind Energy

pdf   Wind Basics   pdf   Understanding Wind Energy Workshop