Local Energy Oban (LEO)

ALIenergy has permission for an 850kW electrical grid connection at Moleigh, the waste and recycling site near Oban. Although originally conceptualised as a site for a wind turbine, wind data was not very favourable and the project did not go ahead. Now, the potential for local electricity generation at the site is being reconsidered. In order to better understand the possibilities, an options appraisal will be carried out to redefine the project. ALIenergy is delighted to announce that funding from the Scottish Government’s CARES Infrastructure and Innovation Fund has been awarded to enable them to begin an assessment of the best options and examine a full range of sustainable energy generation technologies and combinations.

As current emphasis for energy generation is on a “whole system view” as defined in the Scottish Government’s draft Energy Strategy, the proposed study will investigate various technologies alongside on-site energy use, storage, demand-side and active network management. We aim to facilitate locally owned energy generation and link to existing local energy demand, both on-site and nearby, for example electric vehicle charge points in Oban’s town centre.  We hope to develop the site to be income generating, innovative, collaborative and to create maximum local benefits.

For information on Local Energy Scotland and CARES Infrastructure and Innovation Fund, click here